LOVE by Jacques Villeglé 25 ex

LOVE by Jacques Villeglé 25 ex

Daum USA
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H: 17.3" L: 12.6" W: 3.5"

13.2 lbs

Jacques Villeglé, born in 1926 in Quimper, France, is a french artist and a founder of the New Realists group. A precursor to contemporary street art, the artist's work is imbued with an urban aesthetic, and has evolved over time. Villeglé eventually decided to concentrate exclusively on making laser-cut posters.

He said of his work, "By taking on the poster, I take on history." His work consists of letting beauty hidden by the thickness of paper, torn or damaged with time, emerge from urban chaos.

"Star’arts," signed by Villeglé and created in 2011 in collaboration with Daum, is a piece of work representing the profile of the artist in crystal, adorned with socio-political symbols.

To stay true to the artistic spirit of the artist, Daum used pre-melted crystal for the first time. This created a surface of a thousand and one facets, invited a unique play of light to the piece.

A master of giving objects a second life, Villeglé imbues his art with constant motion and crystallizes it in Daum's atelier to bear an eternal message.

Signed by the artist, LOVE is a piece rich in symbols that kicks off Daum's season of art. In four letters, the artist plunges us into his vibrant atmosphere of street art, and imagines a dynamic interpretation of the themes of love, culture and politics. This magnificent work invites us to discover symbols steeped in history such as the Cross of Lorraine, the Euro sign, or even a heart pierced by an arrow. All these symbols coexist in a crossing of tradition and modernity, and an encounter between classic crystal-making and street-art.